Maurizio Marendon was born in Ravenna on February 4th 1963 into a family whose members have circled all in the sector of domestic and international shipments. With over 30 years experience operating in the field of shipping and damage he has gained a remarkable expertise in all types of goods  from those at a controlled temperature to the dangerous, containers, conventional, bulk, liquid, timber, lumber, pipes and special equipment like heavy cargo. He founded the Company in 2005 and is registered at Ravenna Chamber of Commerce as Surveyor and Expert within the , category of maritime, air and inland waterway, in the port subsection  with functions relating to port traffic, meter board, meter timber, technical stevedore of board, of the loading and unloading of goods. He is registered at  Ravenna  Court as CTU Technical Consultant for maritime activities. He has cooperated  with several Forwarding Houses, Maritime Agencies and Ships Owner for export and import  issues of the most varied nature and  on  loading, unloading and failure control attaining  fully customer satisfaction.
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